Saratoga Reads Logo 2015-16

Year Twelve

The Boys in the Boat
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About Us

Saratoga Reads! was created with an uncomplicated goal in mind — to invite the Saratoga community to read a great book and to engage in activities and conversations inspired by this shared experience. Saratoga Reads! can proudly state that its initial vision is a reality, that members of the Saratoga community do indeed collaborate to shape and share in a collective conversation and activities that include a range of age groups and areas of interest. Quite simply, Saratoga Reads!
How is the book selected?
Saratoga Reads! focuses its yearly activity on a single book, chosen by the community, through an initial nomination process and final election—that is rich enough to inspire invigorating dialogue and extensive programming. The book selection process is a widely publicized invitation to the greater Saratoga public to suggest a suitable book. A selection advisory committee then carefully reviews the nominated texts to present a ballot to the community for a public vote each spring. The winning title is announced October 15th.
Community Events
Once the year’s winning book is announced a wealth of community activity begins in celebration of the book and its broader themes. From October through April activities targeting readers of all ages and levels are planned by Saratoga Reads! and a variety of community partners. Almost all events are free of charge.
For current events please visit the Events Calendar. For examples of past events visit our Archives.
Leadership Team
The leadership team is undergoing major changes. For the time being, feel free to look over the old list.
For marketing purposes we provide two variations of the logos.