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2022 SaratogaREADS! Jr. Selection

We have a new season’s book choice thanks to the feedback of the community: For the SaratogaREADS! 2022 reading season, we’re happy to announce that Cece Bell’s El Deafo will be our chosen community book!

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The 2021 Saratoga Reads! Junior Companion Book Choice Announcement

Narrated primarily by Red, an ancient red oak tree to which the townspeople annually tie their wishes, written on scraps of cloth or paper; and by the animals who reside there, Wishtree by Katherine Applegate is the 2021 SaratogaREADS! Junior Companion selection. With its unusual point of view, snappy dialog, and gorgeous illustrations, Wishtree entertains as it explores the themes of diversity, adversity, friendship, love for your neighbors, and preservation of nature and traditions. This year we’ll also be offering a reading program to coincide with the book. Continue reading for more…

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The 2020 Saratoga Reads! Junior Companion Book Choice Announcement

New Kid, a graphic novel by Jerry Craft, about an African-American middle-schooler from Washington Heights who finds himself feeling out of place at a fancy and decidedly un-diverse private school at the other end of the city, is the 2020 SaratogaREADS! Junior Companion title.

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