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One Foot in Power, One Foot in Slavery

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Thursday, May 27, 2021
12:00 pm
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Torn between the social power that came from white heritage while burdened by the stigmas that came with having dark skin. Living in a split world, learn how Douglass Carr Cunningham’s family background spun an interesting picture of being part of two very distinct worlds through his own research and discoveries!

For decades, Douglass Carr Cunningham had very little knowledge about his family background and ancestry. Through research and a lot of luck, after turning 60 he was finally able to discover his family’s place in the American tapestry of black and white relationships. Join us as he explains how he discovered his truly American story of having one foot in power and one foot in slavery. This program was inspired by our 2021 SaratogaREADS! selection, Saratoga Soul: Brandtville Blues by Carol Daggs.