Media Kit

Made available here are assets to be used for marketing purposes. The official color is Pantone 7490 C. As this does not necessarily have an exact digital counterpart (various software report it differently), we are using the HEX equivalent #649A44.

Shown below are our two sanctioned color variations: one for white, or light backgrounds, and another for black, or darker backgrounds. Also made available is a ZIP archive; found within the archive file are:

  • Files for Microsoft Office document use (vector / EMF)
  • PNG files for web use (bitmap)
  • Adobe Illustrator file (vector)
  • SVG file (vector)
  • Example HTML documents for embedding the SVG file on the web

White / Light Background Variation:

Black / Dark Background Variation:

Files provided here are free to use for the intended purposes as described. For uses beyond the scope of marketing, or if the images will be modified, please first request permission.

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