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Sophie Goldstein Collection Digital Exhibit: Documenting Jewish History in Saratoga Springs

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Tuesday, January 1, 2019
9:00 am
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Featured January through March, the Saratoga Springs Public Library’s historic oral histories relating to Jewish heritage in and around Saratoga will be featured in an online collection.

Sophie Goldstein was very concerned that the knowledge of the history of the Jewish community in Saratoga Springs was fading rapidly. With her good friend, Florence Susman, the two librarians began recording oral histories of some of the local Jewish residents. The result of their work is the Saratoga County Jewry History Project. This online exhibit features some of the items from the collection that Sophie collected in remembrance of the Jewish experience in a small upstate town. Included are four interviews from the audio tapes that are a main feature of the collection and a legacy for the Jewish Community of Saratoga Springs.

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