SR! 2011 Season News

Saratoga Reads Seeks Book Nominations for Year Seven

Public vote to determine winner

If you are digging into any great books this summer or have titles you highly recommend, Saratoga Reads wants to hear from you. As the community reading program gears up for its seventh year, organizers are seeking nominations for the year’s book of choice.

Nominations should be works of prose such as novels, short stories, memoirs, non-fiction works, and biographies. The suggested books must be readily available in paperback, capable of inspiring community participation and invigorating dialogue, and should not exceed 400 pages in length.

Saratoga Reads will announce a ballot of top titles on October 1 and will then open the selection process up to a public vote through the month of October. The winning book will be announced November 12.

Saratoga Reads is a community-based organization dedicated to creating an extensive and shared conversation for a range of age groups. The program centers on community-wide reading of a single book, one compelling enough to inspire lively conversation and diverse educational and cultural activities. To inspire young readers, the organization each year produces a list of junior companion books for a range of reading levels.